Monday, 17 November 2008

EuroTek 2008 - What a great Weekend!

Leigh Bishop, Carl Spence and Roz Lunn put together a great weekend in Birmingham over the period 15-16 Nov 08. This was organised following their visits to OzTek and consists of getting all the major players in the technical diving world together, Phil Short, Ric Stanton, JJ, Casey, Dr Simon Mitchell, Eduardo Pavia, Rich Stevenson and whole raft of other speakers to talk about their expeditions over the last couple of years. 130m on the Victoria, 180m+ in a cave system, 60m in Truk, and technical developments in CCR technologes, it was all there.

There were also some great physiological presentations by Dr Simon Mitchell about DCS, PFO and inner ear bends.

Well done to Leigh, Carl and Roz. I know they put some long hours in to produce the best dive show of 2008. They plan to hold a 2010 EuroTek and following this 'starter' show, that promises to be even better.

EuroTek 2008