Thursday, 8 January 2009

Team Foxturd Takes Part in Guiness World Record Attempt at Extreme Ironing

Wilbo, Howard and GLOC will be taking part in a Yorkshire Divers/RNLI charity fundraising event to hopefully break the world record for the most number of divers ironing underwater at the same time. They will all be in the 45m-50m section with another 10 divers (the deepest of the divers taking part). The record is currently held by the Australians and this weekend, 10 Jan, GLOC with the help of others, has helped coordinate 135 divers and 15 photographers/videographers to be in the water at the same time. YD has managed to raise around £6000 from this event alone for the RNLI which will be enough to train 6 crewmembers for one year.

There should be national press coverage of this challenging event, especially as the air temperatures are around zero and the water is 4-5 degrees!!

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