Friday, 20 March 2009

The Chimps Spring Tea Party - 18 April 09 - NDAC

It's that time again. Traditionally, this is when GLOC throws a hot BBQ over people and then has a go at them for not paying attention. Howard gives a speech about the incompatibility of alcohol and DIR diving, then drinks an entire crate of magners and ends up running around the house wearing nappies. And singing. Badly.

So yes, it's time for our regular spring DIR grooming - sorry that should read "experience" - day.

We've run these days for a few years now. the concept has always been to explain what DIR is all about and demonstrate some of the stuff we do. This is a chance for anyone who's read about DIR and always wondered what it's all about to
  • Find out from people who are actually DIR divers. Maybe someone would like to have the equipment configuration and it's rationale explained.
  • Learn more about our approach to diving, safety, preparation, training or decompression.
  • Find out what happens on fundies, tech1, tech2, cave1, or cave2 from people who have done the courses and find out if it's something that might interest you.
  • Watch the drills and skills we practice regularly in action, and perhaps have a crack at them?

Or perhaps you just want to come and listen and nick the bits you think are useful to yourself, and then heckle the trim nazis. Whatever, all are welcome.

The day is Saturday the 18th April, and it is being held at NDAC. If you are interested in coming along, the general plan is to rock up saturday morning, spend the day diving and talking DIR, then go get drunk and have a meal somewhere.

If you fancy coming along, just drop your name on this thread and we'll be in touch with you to find out what you specifically are interested in. This is your chance to find out what DIR is all about from everyday divers who follow it,without having to decipher what is on the internet and without having to invest anything other than your own time.

And - have a bloody good laugh at the same time

Cheers all