Saturday, 17 November 2007

GLOC does the Red Sea on MV Tala

MV Tala is a dive boat with a difference, whilst she isn't at the top end of the luxury liveaboard market and that might put some people off, she is at the top when it comes to technical diving in the DIR style. She has a competent skilled crew (topside and dive guides) who let you get on with what you want to do - dive. Mixed gas diving is catered for effortlessly with discounts being applied to standard DIR mixes, doubles and stages are the rule rather than the exception, and they can cater for any diving from simple singles reef dives to multiple stages dives to depths in excess of 100m.

The trip that I have just come back from was organised through DIRx and involved 9 people from all over the UK and one diver from Belgium meeting up in Hurghada on the 9th November. Lots of unpacking and fettling ensued before we started an excellent week's diving. Diving started with a wakeup call at 05:45 and in the water for 06:30-07:00, the first of 4 dives per day. Wrecks that were covered included the Giannis-D, Carnatic, Marcus, Kimon-M, Rosalie Muller, Salem Express, Ulysses, El Mina and the Poseidonia, and reefs that were dived were too numerous to mention. In 6 days I manged 20 dives after missing out on 2 night dives as they were getting a little samey (being a wreck diver rather than a fish diver). A full trip report was written by Iain Smith and can be found here.

Here are some pictures from the trip and more can be seen on my website here