Tuesday, 15 January 2008

We're Back on for Tech 2

Team Foxturd has now restarted the challenge for training and it's back to Tech 2. Richard Lundgren has been booked and we will be doing the course from 1-5 September in NDAC.

Cave 1 is currently underway for Howard in Mexico with Zero Gravity & DIR Mexico; Garf and I are not now doing the course as the main reason for undertaking Cave 1 was because I had a chance to work out in France with my job but this has subsequently fallen through.

Trips planned for TFT this year include a trip to Narvik with Rich Walker and GLOC is looking at going to Scapa for a deep wreck week from the the 11-16 May on MV Valkyrie with Hazel and Helen. Hopefully the weather will be fine and I get to shoot some more pictures of the cracking wrecks inside and outside of the Flow.