Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Losing weight for fat middle aged bastards

Team foxturd has decided to slim down. We're all taking slightly different approaches, but Howard, Wilbo, Gareth and I are all cutting down on the food, and increasing the excercises regimes.

For Howard, this means giving whichever filipino boy he's chasing a head start, to increase the distance he is running. Wilbo is telling his wife about make-believe dive trips during this year and then attempting to outrun her. GLOC and I have invested in the nike+ gadget, which is very smart by the way.

So, we're slowly but surely vanishing. I've lost 18lbs in three weeks using the "eat fuck all, excercise like a bastard" diet, which whilst not being particularly popular in the shops, certainly works. All you do is eat sensible food (and let's face we all know what's sensible) in small portions. And then you excercise. A lot. To put this in perspective I am running 4-5 times a week, 5 miles a time. Combine this with a drastically reduced calorie intake, and the result is inevitble. I'm going to die. At least, sometimes it feels that way.

Here's another trick for you. Take a rucksack and just go walking. If you lose 1 kilo in a week, stick a kilo in the rucksack and go walking. As the weight falls off you, the bag gets heavier. This helps becuase as you lose weight it becomes more and more difficult to lose weight as your calorie needs decrease (you dont have that belly to carry round).

Obviously, the approach we are taking is all slightly different depending on the state of our knees etc. I am introducing swimming into the equation next week, and GLOC is putting the hours in at the gym. Even Howard is a changed man.

We've all been a bit worried about the state of our fitness for a while, and with Tech2 coming up later int he year, it now seems time to do something about it.

So now I'm off for a run.