Saturday, 6 September 2008

Tech 2 Course Report: Day 4

Day 4

Very, very short report today. My head hurts. We did swim tests, we passed swim tests. We talked abotu decompression strategies. We took an exam, in fact we took 4 bloody exams. We planned 70 metre dives. We planned 100 metre dives. We talked about Oxygen Windows, counter diffusion, new directions in decompression strategies. We talked support divers and ommitted deco plans. We talked in water recompression.

then we mixed a lot of gas. Sorry, a LOT OF GAS. This was to cover us for the remainder of the course, which is a couple of dives to 60 metres and a couple of dives to 70 metres. Once we had all the gas we could lay our grubby chimp mits on, we decamped from Plymouth and headed back to the B&B in chepstow, ready for a busy day in the NDAC tomorrow.

Meanwhile I swam into a bulkhead and bashed my nose and forehead. Then I took enough painkillers to wipe out a small country, and painted my face in liquid plaster. I guess I'll have to wait and see how things look tomorrow.