Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Wilbo takes Tech 1

Yep.. and about time too!

I joined up with Matt G and Rich G to take Tech 1 with Rich Walker down in Plymouth from the 6th to the 10th September.. The weather played havoc with us and this meant that we were unable to complete the course within the 5 day alloted time.. 

This was a real disappointment to everyone and meant we would need to meet up with Rich to do our experience dives.  As the 3 of us have busy lives - it meant that it would be several months before we could all get together to do the experience dives together - so we conferred and decided that it was best for me to get my experience dives out of the way.. So I did. On the 21st September, I met up with the chimp's very own Badger (himself already Tech 1) who ably buddied me and enabled me not to cock it up. Top bloke.

At the end of the second dive Rich gets Badgers attention and made a 'T' sign followed by a '1' and points to me. Click. It sinks in.. Joy.. Oh the Joy.. :) One happy simian.